*Tobarrow is a small isolated village located on the sword coast on the continent of Faerun which is nestled in the middle of the planet Toril which in turn revolves around a star know as Arahsa. But few people in Tobarrow care to know that, there are more important things in life.

Tobarrow sits in a great canyon with steep rocky cliffs walling both sides of this fruitful valley. Hundreds of years ago a great earth shift brought this cliffed section of the coast to separate and reveal the pure earth below the rocks, as if the gods sliced away the cold rock to expose the inner life of the planet… but that might be taking it a bit to far… Regardless the land in the canyon of Tobarrow is so fertile that even with limited direct sunlight flora seems sprout out of every inch of dirt.

The canyon was found by four monks that were on their return home from a pilgrimage at Baulders gate. desperatley needing food for the rest of the journey home, they searched the cliff ridden coast day and night for a spot to land and search for food and safe water. Stories tell of the four monks all falling asleep in the middle of the night, no doubt from dehidration. When they awoke they found themselves beached on a bed of shallow coral infront of the canyon. With no other alternative they swan to land and found a small river that led them deep into the canyon to a waterfall. With their pilgramige complete the monks all concluded that the divine will of the goddess Chauntea, the earth mother, has brought them there for a reason and that they shall not leave until they have fufilled their new quest. within the passing into the fall season they had begun construction of a water powered mill and the cultivation of the natural crop of the valley…. Barley.

Four hundrend and eighty eight years later the town of Tobarrow has grown from its simple roots, the origial brewery still stands as does the site of the original temple. It is now a small port town. A faded dot on most large maps of the area and only visited by humble travelers and small time traders. The jagged coral reef ruined any chance of the site to become a large port because no ships bigger than a skiff can traverse the sub-aquatic maze. So the smaller ships make Tobarrow a beautifull stop on their trip up or down the coast, a reason to gather food and the newest ale. Because of its hidden nature and reputation for being a some what of a sancuary for the peacefull wanderer, Tobarrow is a peacefull place.

Tobarrows main exports are small bundles of supplies for the small merchants or travelers making their way up the coast. Including food rations, water barrels, sections of Badger-mole hides and rope. Their production of fine ales is known only through out the ale enthusiast community, namely as the best kept secret in the world of drinks. Besides the towns people themselves and the occasional wanderer the ale is sold exclusively through a monk who distributes it to capital cities along the coast, but keeps a two thirds of the barrels to take home for himself and the other brothers. Because of its self sufficient nature Tobarrow doesn’t import much, shops and the towns folk may trade their goods and services for what ever comes through especially if the travelers don’t have currency. No one is usually turned away empty handed.

The people of Tobarrow seem to outsiders as simple and good natured, which is true but not the whole truth. They are great farmers, ship builders, fishermen, hunters, rock climbers, and all around good craftmen. A common belief in Tobarrow is that perfection of a craft or skill is next to godliness, and besides what else are you going to do all day… *

A ship called Cutty Sark