A ship called Cutty Sark

Your place in Tobarrow

ok guys i gave you a brief history lets get started on character creation. So i want you all to live in Tobarrow, you didnt have to grow up there but eventually stopped in and decided not to leave for a while… you all own a business communally, it could be anything that would fit well in Tobarrow. Artisans, Construction, Craftsmen, Specialty food trad, Merchant, Specific Professions (apothecary, cartographer, healer, scribe) or go with the traditional inn owner, you could combine some too… you may make it as large or as small as you want… dont get carried away though…. mercantile assassin guild operating out of a mansion fronting to be a bakery wont fly…. and remember Tobarrow is a peaceful place… so if you are running a front for something illegal you need a damn good reason… and it must be small time… you guys are starting out at first level…

write up a background history for you characters and how they know and came to work with eachother… post it in the characters section…

im sketching out a map of the area and will post that soon… but for now… walled cliffs on each side… the water front is lined with docks that could serve as a boardwalk like town center…. waterfall in the back of the canyon…. and the rock walls are filled with tunnels made by badger-moles circa Avatar…. but you guys live there so if you want to add something to the town or map or history, go for it…. create a place in the village that your character frequents allot or someplace they call their own….

as for your place of business, draw up a floor plan… you guys can live there or nearby, have you quarters connected or across the street… but keep it close by. Its your buisness so you have full controll (within reason) your shop does well but you dont have gold plated beer taps with your name on it….

one requirement as far as that goes… you all have the adventuring bug under your skin…. you are all hunters, sailors, and thrill seekers… your characters all have proficency in Sailing, Climbing, Tracking, and throw in a freebee coresponding with your proffession… once decided, ill tell your primary and secondary skills pertaining to the buisiness…..

so in the end… you all know and work together… create some bad ass characters… a character you want to take to the edge of the known universe.


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